Cryo comes from the Greek word
cryo, or (κρύο), and means cold. Cryotherapy refers to any form of medical treatment that relies on the application of cold temperatures. This "cold therapy” is a technique where the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes. Cryotherapy can be delivered to just one area, or you can opt for whole-body cryotherapy.

Benefits of cryotherapy:

  • Pain relief and muscle healing
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improving skin conditions
  • Treating migraine Headaches
  • Weight loss

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Cryo come Developed in Finland the all new electrically localised cryotherapy device that brings cryotherapy for the first time to anywhere and everyone within reach.

  • Compact, easy to use and safe device, which uses electrically powered cooling unit, making it mobile and independent from other energy sources.

  • The cooling unit does not require liquid nitrogen or CO2, so it can be used practically anywhere where standard electricity is available.

  • Almost any part of the body can be treated with localised cryotherapy. Due to the unique design of the treatment applicators, areas like the knees, ankles, elbows, wrists, neck and even face can be treated fast and efficiently. 



The theory for whole-body cryotherapy (WBC) is that by immersing the body in extremely cold air for several minutes, you could receive a number of health benefits. The individual will stand in an enclosed chamber or a small enclosure that surrounds their body but has an opening for their head at the top. The enclosure will drop to between negative 200–300°F (-130C). They’ll stay in the ultra-low temperature air for between two and three minutes.



You can get benefits from just one session of cryotherapy, but it’s most effective when used regularly. Some athletes use cryotherapy twice a day. Others will go daily for 10 days and then once a month afterwards.

Here are some before & after pictures of the X-Cryo localised cryotherapy treatments:


Cryotech Nordic's X-Cryo Localised cryotherapy is very suitable for example professional athletes, physiotherapist, hospitals, elderly homes or plastic surgeons. We also rent out some of the equipments.

More information - access to the manufacturer's home page: Cryotech Nordic