We love Natural products!
We love our skin!
We fell in love with our products - and we hope You will too!

NORDIC GLOW SHOP sets out to import pure Nordic experiences into Singapore through a Finnish skincare journey.

The truly committed co-founders, Viivi & Stefie, want to develop a community of people who want to live a more natural and positive lifestyle.

Their inclusive and holistic focus will be to educate and empower the discerning consumer that they can achieve healthier skin with pure organic Nordic skincare, while getting a deep satisfaction that they are supporting brands with ecologically sustainable business practises.

High quality standards are expected in Scandinavia due to the combination of knowledge that their products are derived from an abundance of wild untouched Nordic nature and have gone through stringent European quality controls.

It is Nordic Glow’s mission to offer an online curated selection of advanced pure skincare products suitable for woman, men and children, with trusted Finnish standards throughout South-East Asia, based out of Singapore.

If you would like to read more about NATURAL PRODUCTS and how these product gets the Natural certificate, click HERE.