Long lasting effect Hand Sanitizer
Long lasting effect Hand Sanitizer
Long lasting effect Hand Sanitizer
Long lasting effect Hand Sanitizer

Long lasting effect Hand Sanitizer

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Cuusi is an antibacterial cleaning agent designed for use on hands and surfaces, refined from natural products. 50ml
100% natural product.

Cuusi is a variation of the Finnish word ”kuusi” meaning spruce tree.

Cuusi products can be used for disinfecting and protecting hands. Unlike other antibacterial products, Cuusi does not repel bacteria like very commonly used silver and copper based products do. The working principle of the agent is to destroy the bacteria when applied on skin.

Why this is so much expensive compared the other hand sanitizers on the market?
This liquid creates a surface to your hands. That lasts for HOURS and it kills all bacteria/viruses for hours. And normal hand sanitizers's effect last as long as the liquid is on your skin. In other words a person needs to apply this only couple of time per day.

Ingredients: Ethanol,glycerin, quarternary ammonium compounds, parfume, CuusiTP active coumpounds. pH: 6,6-7,5

Product advantages

    • High quality product, hand made in Finland.

    • Cuusi destroys even MRSA bacteria which are resistant to antibiotics.

    • The hand cleaning agent is also gentle for the skin and contains natural ingredients that take care of the skin.

    • We develop and manufacture products, which all undergo rigorous safety- and effectiveness tests.

    • For making the product, its ingredients are harvested in a way that supports sustained development. The raw materials are harvested only from trees that have been already cut down for forest management purposes, thus not effecting uncut trees’ growth.

      Note: Please do not use the product if you are allergic to alcohol or spruce tree resin.