Osmia - Scrub Coconut

Osmia - Scrub Coconut

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Cocoa butter and coconut oil nourish and leaves skin supple, satiny and fragranced with a coconut scent. Rinse out with water. For normal and dry skin. Biodegradable, contains no micro plastics.

Instructions for use: Moisten the skin with water in the shower or grinding in the sauna. Massage a few tablespoons of massage salt with your fingers or wash hands all over the body with the slowest rotating movements. Finally, rinse the skin with plenty of water and dry. The skin remains clean and smooth, and the scent is delayed on your skin. Do not use the salt on damaged skin or thin skin of the face if you are sensitive.

True essence of Finnish nature

Osmia is a Finnish design company, located in the middle of Helsinki. Their specialities are nature related scents. Osmia manufactures all their products from the very beginning by themselves to ensure the high quality of raw materials and end product.

You can also style your home with Osmia's scented candle which will bring you the feeling of genuine Nordic nature.

Weight: 300g